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How 24*7 Laboratory Services Save Lives

The world of healthcare has gained great impetus owing to improved and advanced laboratory services. It is clear that the healthcare industry is on the verge of an enormous transformation, spurred on by the rapidly changing world of laboratory medicine. Laboratory and diagnostic medicine have seen a sudden shift in paradigm towards a more personalized and value-based model of patient care. A lot depends on the medical reports of a patient so it is important to get accurate results from a certified laboratory.

Certified full-service laboratories

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Laboratory services that offer a range of tests used for human diagnostic purposes must meet quality standards that ensure accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of patient test results. The clinical labs which meet these criteria are considered certified laboratories. Full-service laboratories are diagnostic labs that offer services in 3 or more of the following areas:

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Clinical pathology
  • Blood banking
  • Cytopathology
  • Surgical pathology

Laboratory safety cannot be accomplished by a single set of standards or methods. All certified laboratories impart special training and equipment to their staff so that they can be relatively safe while handling extremely dangerous pathogens and materials.

Importance of 24*7 laboratory services

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Correct and accurate diagnosis of patients is vital in saving lives. While some illnesses may not be life-threatening, certain diseases such as cardiovascular disorders require prompt action by the healthcare professional. The sooner he/she receives test results for a patient, the faster they can decide on the course of treatment. Thus, it is important to get accurate and fast test results from a certified laboratory that works round the clock to deliver timely reports. Quality lab results reduce critical time of decision-making for the healthcare provider and also improves overall experience of a patient’s visit.

Laboratory services saving lives

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Almost 70% of all medical laboratory results/data available for physicians and other healthcare professionals are provided by medical laboratory professionals. Much of the decisions about the diagnosis and treatment plan of a patient is based on the hard work of the laboratory professionals. Although patient history, along with physical signs and symptoms are vital for making an informed patient decision, most diagnoses need confirmation of laboratory test results. Medical lab scientists are often the first ones to spot cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions owing to their broad base of expertise and knowledge. From examining cells to blood and other bodily fluids, their analysis forms the foundation on the basis of which the healthcare provider makes an informed decision. The depth of information that can be obtained from these lab results range from early disease detection and prevention to gaining insight on how to treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions.

Laboratory professionals play a major role in healthcare that extends to how healthcare providers read and interpret data. This is especially true in case of cross-matching blood transfusions wherein detailed analysis of test results provides the groundwork for carrying out such critical procedures. A mismatch in blood groups can result in agglutination and subsequently, even lead to death of the patient. The instrumental role that medical laboratories played during COVID-19 cannot be negated. The medical lab scientists were on the frontlines, who toiled day and night to ensure that testing was done quickly and accurately. Several lives were impacted as the tests that gave positive results were isolated from the rest of the community, restricting further spread of the corona virus. Thus, laboratory work is absolutely critical because millions of lives are resting on it.

As with any other scientific practice, laboratory science is an ever-evolving field. A lot needs to be imbibed by the lab scientists as more sophisticated instruments are added to ensure faster and timely disease diagnosis. Embracing change quickly will keep the laboratories in sync with the changing times and advanced technologies, thereby, improving diagnostic testing and shaping positive patient outcomes.

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Author: Dr. Neelima Chamarthy