Process of IVF

Egg Growth with Injections Icon - KM NU Hospitals

Stimulation of multiple egg growth with injections to female

Egg Retrieval from Ovaries Icon - KM NU Hospitals

Egg retrieval from Ovaries

Fertilisation of Egg by a Sperm Icon - KM NU Hospitals

Fertilisation of egg by a sperm in the lab

Growth of Embryo in lab Icon - KM NU Hospitals

Growth of embryo in lab for 3-5 days

Embryo Transfer into the Uterus Icon - KM NU Hospitals

Transfer of best embryo into the uterus

Confirmation of Pregnancy Icon - KM NU Hospitals

Confirmation of pregnancy after 2 weeks

Fertility Preservation

Egg and Sperm Freezing Icon - KM NU Hospitals
Egg and sperm freezing prior to cancer treatment.
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Egg freezing Icon - KM NU Hospitals
Egg freezing when the woman wants to postpone childbearing
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Embryo freezing Icon - KM NU Hospitals
Embryo freezing

Preimplantation Genetic testing

Involves the genetic testing of embryos prior to embryo transfer in order
to detect any abnormality in the developing embryo or to prevent abortions.
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Nahuma Uoosuf
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This place is very nice place. All the doctors and staffs are very kind and very helpful for everything. Nice to meet u all. I love this place very very much.

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