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Paediatrics and Neonatology

Paediatrics and Neonatology is a medical speciality which focusses on Childcare in particular. While Paediatrics deals with the overall welfare of children in general, Neonatology focusses exclusively on new born babies and the factors that influence its growth. Paediatricians and Neonatologists play a key role in the initial stages after the birth of the child. However, Paediatricians look into the medical issues of children and adolescents as well.

The city of Ambur is one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Tamil Nadu. Supporting its growth in the medical sector has been KM NU Hospitals, the Best Paediatrics and Neonatology Hospital in Ambur, which offers a Comprehensive Tertiary Care in both Paediatrics as well as Neonatology.

A Child Care Centre by Heart, the KM NU Hospital has all the amenities in place to take care of a child, right from its birth, till the adolescent stage. The hospital has some of the best Paediatricians who bring in loads of experience in treating challenging cases associated with children. The main objective of the Child Care Centre is to build a healthy future for your child, right from the nascent stages. Paediatricians and Neonatologists at the hospital form potent combination and work in tandem, right from the stage when the baby is born.

Our versatile Paediatricians possess the competency to treat conditions such as Asthma and Allergies which include Skin Rashes and Food Allergy. Asthma is seen as one of the leading reasons for children to end up requiring emergency treatment at a very early stage. KM NU Hospital has all the necessary equipment and medical expertise to treat this disorder at the very early stage itself. Some of the other conditions which doctors associated with the best Paediatrics and neonatology Hospital in Ambur are well versed in treating are Cerebral Palsy which requires intense care through the life of the child, Childhood Diabetes and Childhood Obesity.

Combining beautifully with our Paediatricians is our expert team of Neonatologists who handle premature birth cases exceedingly well. The hospital has excellent facilities in places including a well-designed NICU, secured with all the necessary equipment to attend to premature babies. The hospital is also equipped with incubation facilities to ensure that the baby is kept under the desired temperature range.

Some of the conditions treated by our efficient team of Neonatologists at the Child Care Centre include,

· Breathing Defects

· Birth defects in the Heart

· Bladder and Genital Defects

· Kidney and Urinary Defects

· Neonatal Strokes

· Neonatal Seizures

· Metabolic Disorders

Our team of doctors at the Best Paediatrics and Neonatology Hospital in Ambur are well supported by a compassionate and caring Nursing team who are well-trained with the basics of Paediatric Care and also well versed in handling emergencies.

A warm environment greets children and parents right since their entry into the hospital and every care is taken to ensure the patients and families comfort throughout their stay.

Every Child is special for our Child Care Centre and we ensure that you receive the best of the care from our medical and administrative staff.

KM NU Hospitals in Ambur nurtures Happiness and Joy